This page is a collection of resources and links relating to detonations, propulsion systems and related topics. More stuff will be added in time. Please check back regularly.

1. Glossary of Explosion/Detonation related terms: EDL Labs Glossary Page

2. The Explosion Dynamics Laboratory (EDL) is a research facility at Cal-Tech, under the Graduate Aerospace Labs (GAL-CIT) maintained by Dr. Joseph Shepherd. EDL has a long history of research on detonations (gas dynamics and for propulsion applications) and explosions. One can find an enormous database of information regarding detonations (such topics as detonation cell sizes, explosion limits, and other useful properties), publications, etc.

3. The Gas Explosion Handbook by Gexcon. This handbook is an excellent resource for learning the theory of detonations, deflagrations, Chapman-Jouguet detonations, combustion phenomenon, etc. in a simple easy-to-follow format. The concepts are explained well with clear diagrams, good references, and the handbook also has a glossary. Gexcon is a consulting company that specializes in fire and explosion safety. They do research into explosions and provide training on gas dispersion and explosion hazards and safety.

4. Home of the world’s most active forum on pulse-jets, PDEs, and other jet engines.


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