Biofuel News Roundup

I am a big fan of bio-fuels for a number of reasons. It allows new and smaller players to enter the energy industry saturated by Big Oil and government-owned corporations. Bio-fuels can be manufactured by simple technologies by almost anyone. It even allows one to live off the grid. If bio-fuels become commercially viable, petroleum based fuels will have face healthy competition and consumers will have more choice. And so on. Here is a round up of recent news relating to bio-fuels.

News story 1:

News story 2:

News story 3:,_Embraer_and_IDB_to_Fund_Sustainability_Analysis_of_Producing_Amyris_Renewable_Jet_Fuels_from_Sugarcane.htm

News story 4:

News story 5:

News story 6:

News story 7:

News story 8:


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  1. cb says:

    Engineer Converts Yeast Cells Into ‘Sweet Crude’ Biofuel

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