Ask The Pilot Blog

Here is an excellent blog by an actual pilot of cargo and passenger jet airliners, Patrick Smith from Massachusetts, called Ask the Pilot, where he answers FAQs about commercial flying and air travel. He also has a blog on where he responds to questions from readers. Some of the questions he answers are:

* Turbulence: everything you need to know
* What is that trail of mist coming from the wing?
* What is windshear?
* Aborted landings for dummies
* Facts about cell phones and PEDs
* Why am I asked to close my window shade?
* The myths of cockpit automation. Do planes really “fly themselves?”
* Could a passenger land the plane?
* Everything you were afraid to know about landing gear

There is a lot more on his site.

Here is a link to a recent article he posted wherein he compares Boeing and Airbus jet planes.


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