The One Stop Shop for Pulse Jets

This is the website and online sales portal of Robert Maddox, the self-made pulse-jet enthusiast and manufacturer:

Maddox discovered the humble pulse jet while searching for a way to get more airtime while skydiving. The simple engine, which powered World War II “buzz bombs,” mixes air and fuel in a reed-like structure that requires no moving parts. Maddox planned to strap one on while skydiving but settled on bolting them to bicycles and other contraptions. A few years back, Maddox gave up on his cabinetmaking gig to work full-time on pulse jets. He’s lived on commissions from fellow enthusiasts, building them for collectors and so forth. Maddox hopes the website will finance wilder projects.

Maddox has attached pulse jets to a variety of devices, including bicycles, motorcycles, go-carts, cars and trucks. He even attempted a pulse jet powered sky diving attempt. Now he is selling a host of pulse jet designs and kits. They are the most colorful pulse jets and seems to be of very high quality.

Your generous donation  will help fund even greater projects including a 40 ft. tall, 4 engine, 5,000 lb. thrust rocket that will carry Bob to 25,000 ft. He will then eject, freefall for 4 miles, and then parachute back to earth.–Sincerely, Maddoxjets.


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2 Responses to The One Stop Shop for Pulse Jets

  1. I’ve often thought that a pulse jet could be afterburned and get vastly more power by utilising all the waste heat of the red hot body tube without needing any extra reed system.
    Also with appropriate heat proof steel it would be possible to build a tripleburned pulse jet that would really shove out some power though it might be necessary to have the third tube made of a ceramic that can stand white heat.
    Care to hear more details?

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