Avic Engine Unit Seeks Western Workers | AVIATION WEEK

China’s Avic Engine Unit Seeks Western Workers | AVIATION WEEK.

US and Western aerospace companies are trying to out-compete with each other to get to China and sell out their technological knowhow, as one can see from the above article itself. Moreover, China is known for stealing technological secrets through moles in research labs.

China wants to accelerate their growth in the aerospace sector and now wants to further shorten their learning curve by directly hiring aerospace professionals from UK and the US.

Personally, I do not support equipping China with technological and manufacturing knowhow because of two main reasons. Firstly, China is a militarily aggressive nation, having seized Tibet and parts of India (Himachal Pradesh) and is a threat to Taiwan’s freedom. Secondly, China sells weapons and technology to aggressor nations such as North Korea, terrorist supporting nations as Pakistan, Iran, etc. and also directly to terrorists. There are other reasons also that are equally compelling including the fact that this engine company is owned by the State, which also murders its own people, e.g. Tianamen Square. So, I for one do not like the idea of working for China.


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