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Jaguar’s New Electric Car Powered by Battery and Bio-Fuel Fed Gas Turbine

Jaguar has released a new concept two-seater car called the C-X75. I am not a big fan of the style though. As one reader at remarked, it does remind one of an “open mouthed catfish on wheels”. Here are … Continue reading

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Flapless UAV Uses Coanda Effect for Aircraft Attitude Control

BAE Systems has released an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that uses the Coanda effect to maneuver the aircraft in place of control surfaces such as ailerons and flaps. The Coanda effect is the tendency of a fluid jet to be … Continue reading

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Personal Propulsion Systems

Here are a couple of personal transport/propulsion systems that came my way. (1) The HULC,  and (2) The DTV Shredder. 1. HULC or Human Universal Load Carrier by Lockheed Martin is a wearable robot system made of titanium and powered … Continue reading

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NASA and ATK Successfully Ground Tests Next Gen Rocket Motor

NASA and Alliant Techsystems (ATK) successfully completed a static ground test of the 2nd Ares 5-segment Development Motor (DM-2) at their Promontory, Utah based test site on August 31, 2010. The test lasted 2 minutes and the 5-segment solid rocket, … Continue reading

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